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Service Users Assessment

A service user assessment is carried out by a director, manager or senior carer prior to the delivery of care. In emergency situations, a provisional assessment may be made and delivery of a basic package of care commenced, subject to early completion of the assessment of care needs.

Service User Care Plan and Review

Service user plans are normally prepared prior to commencement of delivery of care, in consultation with the prospective service user. In emergency situations, a provisional service user plan may be prepared, subject to early completion of the plan in consultation with the service user.

Once developed the service users plan will be reviewed six monthly and updated to reflect any changing needs and ensure that the objectives for health, personal and social care are actioned. Any plan is developed with the involvement of the service user.

Service Users and their relatives are always welcome to chat with a member of the Care Staff if they have any concerns.

All amendments to the care plan will require the authorisation of the Agency Manager or Senior Carer;
certain amendments may require the authorisation of the Service User’s GP.

All amendments to the Service Users Plan are recorded in full.


Queries about care may be raised with the care worker or the registered provider at any time, and it is hoped that these will be resolved without delay.

If any person wishes to complain, the complaint should be directed to the senior carer or manager. All reported complaints either verbal or written will be acknowledged within three working days. Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint and to provide a full response to the complainant within fifteen working days.

If after this investigation, the complainant is still not satisfied, or if they feel that the complaint is of a serious nature and wish to speak to a registration officer first, then you should contact the National Care Standards Commission, see page 7 of this document for the address and telephone number

Monitoring and Quality

The agency has been established with a quality-orientated approach to the business. A high degree of quality awareness is developed though continuous review of the care service we offer, training of staff, and feedback from service users.

The monitoring of client satisfaction is considered to be and important indicator as to whether this agency is achieving its objectives of delivering a quality home care service and meeting all of the service users requirements. To help us achieve this a questionnaire is used to gain responses of all service users once a year.

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